Associate NCC Officer

Associate NCC Officer (ANO)

ANO means Associate NCC Officer. This article is very useful if you want to know how to become an Associate NCC Officer (ANO). We will discuss all NCC ANO training in this article.

Here are the points on which we are going to discuss ANO training & all its aspects:

Associate NCC Officer
How to become ANO
ANO with his cadets

Associate NCC Officer

Volunteer & willing Professors and Teachers are appointed as part-time NCC officers. These NCC officers are called Associate NCC Officers (ANOs). Mostly, the functioning of the NCC in institutions depends on the motivated ANO. However, the Associate NCC Officer (ANO) creates the most vital link between the educational institute and the NCC Battalion. Basically, the Associate NCC Officer has to undergo training in a 3-month rigorous Pre-commission Course.

In case, there is an absence of ANO, a Care Taker will look after NCC Unit. The appointment of a Caretaker is done at the school or institute level.

Associate NCC Officer (ANO) Mueen Akhtar

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Eligibility of Associate NCC Officer (ANO)

According to Rule 13 of NCC Acts & Rules 1949, regular teaching staff of colleges & schools can become an ANO. However, there are the following criteria for being an ANO:


  • Should be a permanent teaching staff of the educational institute. In the case of the temporary teacher, the principal has to give an undertaking that he/she will serve for three years in the institute.
  • Should have a good character.
  • Has to satisfy the physical fitness standards specified by the Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.
  • Should be a citizen of India or Nepal subject. He/she should not be a part or a member of any communal or political organization.
  • Should not be dismissed from the girl’s division.
  • If a suitable male ANO is not available in the boy’s Battalion/mixed battalion in school, a lady ANO can be appointed.
  • For the appointment of ANO, PTI, PET, DPE, sports officers, and demonstrators are eligible.
  • Even the headmistresses are also eligible for the ANO.
How to become NCC Officer(ANO)
During ANO Conference

Enrolment & Retirement Age

  • Eligible candidates should be a minimum of over 21 years old.
  • He/she should be under 42 years of age. In fact, the age is extendable up to 45 years.
  • The retirement age is 56 years.
  • This age is extendable up to 60 years in two spells of two years each.

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Selection & Recommendation

At the school/college level, the principal or HOD gives the recommendation. Then, the recommended candidate is interviewed by the selection committee of directorates.

Pre-Commission Course (3-Month Training)

After the selection of candidates, the candidates have to undergo a 3-month course. This 3-month PRCN (Pre-commission) course is conducted to:

  • OTA (Officer Training Academy) Kamptee, Maharashtra (For Male)
  • OTA (Officer Training Academy) Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh (For Female)

After completing training, the trained ANO assumes the duty of Company Commander (Troop Commander in the Junior wing).

Ranks for Associate NCC Officer

For Colleges & Universities (In-charges of SD & SW)
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
For Schools (In-charges of JD & JW)
  • Chief Officer
  • 1st Officer
  • 2nd Officer
  • 3rd Officer


For the ANO in Colleges & Universities (In-charges of SD & SW)

  • Major                   3000/- Per Month
  • Captain                2500/- Per Month
  • Lieutenant           2000/- Per Month

For the ANO in Schools (In-charges of JD & JW)

  • Chief Officer        2500/- per Month
  • 1st Officer             2200/- per Month
  • 2nd Officer            2000/- per Month
  • 3rd Officer            1800/- per Month

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    1. May be not. I am not sure about this. But ek baat confirm hai ki ANO ke liye teaching staff ko perfer kiya jata hai. Librarian post ko non teaching mante huye ek baar unko reject kiya ja chuka hai mere school me.

      1. आदित्य

        यदि कोई शिक्षक यदि स्कूल और कॉलेज में NCC कैडेट नही था। ओर वो अपने स्कूल में रेगुलर टीचर है LT में तो क्या वह अपने स्कूल में NCC बटालियन खोलने के लिये योग्य है उसकी आयु भी 33 वर्ष ही है यदि है तो उसे कैसे आवेदन करना होगा। क्या प्रक्रिया है उसकी

  3. सर मेरे स्नातक हो गयी है आगे 24 वर्ष हु
    मुझे NCC जॉइन करनी ह प्लीज हेल्प

    1. टिळे ए. आर.

      मविप नाशिक येथून मी ncc ano साठी ईच्छूक आहे, मी ncc c cert पुर्ण केलेले आहे, वय वर्ष ४० पुर्ण आहे. मार्गदर्शन मिळावे.

    2. Captain Raghavendra Rao

      Sir I am ANO in army wing.
      I have transferred to some college where air ncc is avilable. ANO post alos vacant. Whether I can take charge and cont. As ANO

        1. 1.Are primary teacher, physically fit, with sports and defence background, DONE MASTERS DEGREE, 20 YEARS of permanent employee.. Allowed?? For ANO JD JW wing??
          2. Is there any letter, stating PRIMARY TEACHERS not allowed??

          1. No, PRT is not eligible for Ano. Recently a letter is there that states that for JD only TGT teachers are eligible & PGT are eligible for SD in schools.

    3. Sir my age is 38 yrs and I have C certificate in NCC. I also done bachelor of physical education . So can I apply ANO post. and what’s procedure for selection

  4. I’m B. Balasaravanan
    Assistant professor
    Department of English
    My Age is 34 I’m Eligible for this ANO Training kindly response immediately.

    1. Sir I am permanent employee of aided school can take ANO NCC I am 56 years old physical education teacher female

  5. Sir meri appointment permanent nahi huwi hai ,abhi assistant professor ke liye maharashtra government ne band lagaya hai , par mujhe usi college pe appointment milega yeh confirm hai to kya Mai ANO ke liye eligible hu

  6. Hi sir,
    IAM Sathiya from Salem, TamilNadu. IAM working as a PG Teacher in my school. I already had B certificate in NCC college level. IGC return. Am i eligible for ANO officer. How I apply this and what I do for this. Kindly guide me sir.
    Thank you,

    1. If you want to be an ANO, there should be the following conditions:
      1. A Ncc sub-Unit should be there.
      2. You should have to in charge of this sub-unit or You should be Care taker of this sub-unit.
      3. If above two conditions are there, your concern battalion itself arrange your training for ANO.
      Hope you will have your answer.

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  8. Sir mere pass NCC C certificate hai but C certificate mai grade “c” mila hai And I am regular teaching staff member hu college ka PGT (physics) to kya mai ANO ke liye eligible hu please bataye

    1. Sure ap eligible hain. It’s better that you are a certificate C holder. Agar aap C ertificate holder naa bhi hote to bhi eligible hain basharte aap ANo ki batayi Gayi eligibility puri karte hon.

    2. Sir, main school main permanent teacher hun.2 years tak cto thi. Meri Age 44 years hain. Kya main phir se cto ke liye apply kar sakti hun?

  9. Sir my query is regarding appointment age, as NCC website is showing it 21 to 32 years… Was there any ammendment in the act …or something else kindly clear….

    1. The age for ANO is 21 to 42. In some conditions, if your battalion recommend you, it can be 45 too. But for clear information plz go through the latest updates from DG Ncc.

  10. Sir I got A grade in c certificate in ncc and selected for guard of honour in 2005. My rank is senior under officer in ncc.Now I m teaching in
    school from Feb 2022.plz tell me can I apply for ano .but I have one problem there is sports officer
    who is already applied for ncc officer and given his name in battalion for training. So plz sir tell me what I do. Because i am also interested. Plz solve my problem

    1. Parmeet ji,
      Nice that you have so much achievement earlier. But to be ANO there is no compulsory for such achievement. Now directly answering your question- Apke school ne jinke naame bheje honge unka naam he interview ke liye aa sakta hai. So ap apne principal ko convince kre. Unki marzi se he apka name Ano training k liye bheja jayga.

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    1. Mujhe nhi lagata ki tough hota hai. Bus ap apni impressive presence waha dijiye baki to unko Ano chahiye he h. Actually phsycally and mentally is interview me ye dekha jata hai ki ap ANO ke liye fit hai ki nhi.

  12. sir, I am a caretaker of NCC in college. I want to become ANO but my age is 46 years. my aim in childhood was to join the army I am fit and a permanent professor of physical education in college. how I can become ANO please guide me

  13. sir, I am the caretaker of the NCC boy’s wing. I am a working associate professor of physical education at a government college. I am 46 years old its my dream in my childhood to become an officer in the army. I qualified for physical tests many times but failed the written tests now a chance for me to become an NCC officer but when I talk to a higher authority for training. he told me the upper age limit is 45 years. sir it’s requested to help me and give some suggestions for completing my dream. I am physically fit and today I can run every day 10 kilometer request

  14. Sir I am 29 year old nad I have ncc c certificate…I had completed my graduation also.I want to become a army officer .. please give me right advice to join Indian army.anyhow…

    1. Your age limit is exceeded for Army officer. But go through the online to the websites of indian army for any option to join. Thanks for asking to me.

  15. jai hind sir, I am HARISH, 22 YRS. i was appointed as a NCC officer in college only for training the NCC cadets. and also i was an Ex cadet with C certificate of the same college and NCC unit. But since i have UG degree only. Kindly if there any possibility to become as an ANO.

    Mail ID :

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  17. Sir, my doughter appointment school for एनसीसी teacher 2 month but mp1 बटालियन pressure for 3 years experience require and another person relative appoint in school..
    Please suggest 🙏

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  20. सर नमस्कार।मै पिछले तीन सालसे ncc caretaker हुं मेरा board हो चुका है व मेरा PRCN COURSE एक.महीने बाद है मेरे course से सम्बन्धित दस्तावेज युनिट को भेज दिये है किन्तु मेरा तबादला आदेश विभाग के द्वारा किये गये है क्या मुझे इस base पर कोर्ट में हेल्प हो सकती है की मेरा prcn course complete कर सकुं

    1. मुझे नहीं लगता कि इस आधार पर आपको तबादले से छूट मिले कि आप अपना PRCN कर सको। बाक़ी आप विभाग में अपने स्तर से कुछ करवा सकते हैं तो करवा लीजिए अन्यथा, आपको इस बारे में मुझे नहीं लगता कि कोई आराम मिलेगा।

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