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राजा रवि वर्मा

राजा रवि वर्मा Raja Ravi Varma

राजा रवि वर्मा का जन्म 1848 में त्रावनकोर के किलिमानूर गाँव में हुआ था| इनकी माँ उमा अम्बा बाई संगीत में दक्ष थी| जबकि पिता नीलकांत भट्ट वेदों के ज्ञाता व संस्कृत के पंडित थे|

How to use Watercolor

How to use watercolor

Let’s learn how to use watercolor. The watercolor technique is a very popular medium for painting. Everyone loves watercolor paintings. Infect it has the versatile, wonderful, and very elegant effects on the surface. That’s why the trends of watercolor painting have never died. This article will simply introduce beginners about the watercolor technique. We will …

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Pal Art

Read in detail about Pal Art. Pal Art is also known as Pal School of Art and Pal Style. This style of Art is mainly developed under the dynasty of Pal and Sen of Bihar & Bengal. Introduction of Pal Art This style developed between 500 to 1300 AD under the patronage of the then …

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Perspective in Art


Perspective in art is an essential part of landscape art as well as to create depth in painting or in the artwork. This article introduces the basics of Perspective.  I uploaded a video (Link was given below) on Perspective in Art. Perspective in art is an essential part of landscape art as well as to create depth …

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Six Limbs of Art

Profile Mueen Akhtar

Principles (Shadang) Or Six Limbs of Indian Art The sixth limbs or the theory of Indian painting is first mentioned in the Kamasutra of Vatsyayana. Limbs were composed in B.C. 600-200. Further, Yashodhar Pandit, resident of Jaipur criticized it in the 11th century and presented the theory of these ancient painting in one verse: “Roopbheda: Pramanani, Bhav, …

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