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Role of Art Teacher As a Teacher

Your First Impression

  • The First impression is very curtail for you as it will remain the same in the coming years as you made it on the First Day.
  • In the same way, your first appearance in every class will build up your image that will last till you are there in that particular Vidyalaya/school.
  • Whenever you find any opportunity or task, do it with all your interest & dedication to learn new things. It will provide you with coordination with your staff & will create a positive image in your institute.
  • Make Liaison with the local bodies, service providers & graphics designers. You will need them somehow during the session.

The primary role is to Teach

  • Your primary role of art teacher, is to teach Art Education.
  • So, analyze & collect the syllabus as per NCERT & CBSE. Create Split of Syllabus, Maintain Teacher’s Dairy properly & regularly.
  • Study about Art Education under NEP 2020, AIL, NCF 2000, NCF 2022, & other KVS & CBSE Circulars
  • Maintain records of your activities & students.
  • Choose your tasks or activities in school along with your students.

Be A Role Modal & Update your Personality

  • We are in a profession where we are like celebrities. Hundreds of thousands of eyes watch us daily. The same people & the people connected with them talk about us anytime during the 24 hours.
  • So don’t underestimate this fact. In fact, our single habit, mistake, or ignorance of personality, can negatively impact our personality.
  • So, always be sincere & careful about your behavior, dress, body language & Communication.
  • Give space to the viewpoints of students. Interact, involve & help them to express & explore themselves. As a teacher, you also involve among the students through sports & other activities.
  • Respect the variety & likes & dislikes of the students & talk to them on the topics which they like.  Also, try to be aware of them & try to respect others’ viewpoints.
  • Do everything which is required for being a role model & update your personality.

Classroom Environment/Management

“The classroom must be an inclusive, enabling learning environment that provides every child freedom, openness, acceptance, meaningfulness, belonging, & challenges.”


According to NCF 2022, the following are the guidelines for classroom environment:

  1. Classroom Norms with Children
  2. Managing difficult Behavior
  3. Discipline
  4. Language used by the teacher
A. Classroom Norms with Children
  • Listen when another person is talking.
  • Raise your hand before speaking in a group.
  • Speak respectfully to your classmates & your teacher
  • Keep your hands, feet & any objects to yourself.
B. Managing Difficult Behavior
  • Aggressive behavior. (hitting, biting, pinching, throwing objects)
  • Antisocial behavior. Inappropriate language, name-calling, refusing to share)
  • Disruptive behavior (disrupting circle time, running around the classroom, shouting, dropping objects, tearing books, breaking toys, destroying others’ works.
  • Inappropriate expression. (Excessive crying, pouting, whining)
C. Discipline
-NCF 2022
  • You can manage discipline with many mediums like your subject knowledge, behavior, social skills & other activities.
  • Students should feel that you have something beneficial for them, then they will listen to you.
  • Never do any loose talk with the children or don’t be so much friendly with them. Maintain a respective distance and gap with them.
D. Language used by the Teacher
  • Voice
  • Words
  • Body language (appearance, approach & availability)
  • Attitude

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