Live session of Mueen Akhtar in Swayyam Prabha Channel

New Experience to be Live in Swayam Prabha Channel

It had been an awesome experience to be live on a national educational channel like Swayam Prabha. Here I share some of the highlights of my experience. Let’s find out how it was for me…

I was live on 05 June 2020

I experienced be live on 5 June 2020 on Swayam Prabha Channel no 27 from 12 to 1.30 pm. It was my first and only experience to face a live audience on any National Channel. It was not easy to cover a 90-minute session non-stop. Fortunately, I covered and passed the whole session successfully. Infect it was the wonderful experience of my life.

My Preparation

I was asked to choose the topic for the live session. So I choose Landscape and Perspective. Although this topic has two topics in one, intentionally I chose these two in one. I was clear; I had 90 minutes in my mind to spend during the live session. The big challenge was to divide the session time with available content. That’s what I did.

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My live demo and useful tips

I used two demos of watercolor painting. I painted two scenery with applying watercolor on the. Earlier, I used blank pages with black sketches. I used this sketch pen and white paper to explain very useful tips. These tips were the main content to learn for the students. I did not plan but I had in mind. It was very useful for the learner.

I am on TV while interacting through live session in Swayam Prabha

Response from Friends and the Public

In a short time, the response of the people on social media was awesome and motivating. I just shared information just 3 to 4 hours before the session started. But before the start, I got so many best wishes. The most surprising and positive thing happened after the session. After the session, I got phone calls, WhatsApp messages, and many congratulations wishes on my Facebook post. Facebook posts surprise me a lot.  I got so many congratulations wishes and greetings from the people & friends on Facebook. It showed how much my social media friends appreciated my live session. They motivated me so much. I am very much thankful and grateful to them.

K.V.S. staff and NIOS

I am really Thankful to Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan & KVS Agra Region for this great opportunity. I am especially thankful and grateful to Indira Mudgal, AC, KVS RO Agra for providing me with this chance. Later on, my principal Shri Subhash Chandra Shrivastava provided me with all the training & support. His cooperation and dedication inspired me to do my best. If I could do my session successfully, the whole credit goes to him. NIOS staff also impressed me with their support and behavior. They provide all the support and facilities to be in the live session. Thanks to all NIOS Staff.

The Scenery Painting Demo which was given on the Swayam Prabha Channel during a Live session by Mueen Akhtar

Swayam Prabha Channel

Swayam Prabha Channel is an MHRD Project under National Mission through ICT (NME-ICT). This National channel under MHRD has 32 DTH channels. These channels are devoted to telecast of educational program on 24 hours. Swayam Prabha channels are used for various educational programs at various levels. The govt. educational organizations like IGNOU, CEC-UGC, NPTEL, NCERT, and NIOS manage the content for these channels.

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Swayam Prabha Channel No 27 & 28

IGNOU, CEC-UGC, NPTEL, NCERT, and NIOS manage the content of 32 DTH Swayam Prabha Channel. NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) manages two channels out of those 32 channels (Channel No 27 & 28). NIOS provides all the educational content for this channel. Channel no 27 is for Secondary School Education. While channel no 28 is for Higher Secondary School Education.

Second Video which was demonstrated during live session.

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

The National Institute of Open Schooling is also known as the National Open School (NOS). It was established in 1989. It is an autonomous organization in pursuance of the National Policy on Education 1986. NIOS is providing many educational, vocational, life enrichment, and community-orientated courses.  It also provides General and Academic Courses at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels.

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