Sketching for beginners

Sketching For Beginners

A useful lesson on Sketching For Beginners, Sketching Ideas with Cartoon, Line Art & Free Hand Sketching by Mueen Akhtar, TGT AE (KV No 3 Jhansi).


As per the title Sketching for Beginners, we are going to learn Sketching in terms of line art, freehand sketching & cartoon. Sketching is a basic thing in Art Education. The meaning & purpose of sketching should be cleared first. To understand and study these topics, we will go with these topics & sub-topics in the following order:

  1. Free Hand Sketching
  2. Line Art
  3. Cartoon

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1. Free Hand Sketching

Freehand sketching means to draw something with freehand without using any technical help or aids. Just with your own hand & pencil/pen, when we create or draw something; that is called freehand sketching.

Now the question arises, “why should we need free hand sketching?”

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The answer is very useful for learner to understand the objectives of free hand sketching. Let’s find out what the answer says:

  • Freehand sketching may be tough in the beginning but it can be improved with regular practice.
  • Regular practice will improve your sketching skill as well as your confidence too.
  • Freehand sketching is the right way to be a master in sketching or drawing.
  • Using the help of a graph or other technical aid to sketch will reduce your sketching skill as well as your confidence.

Hence, I always prefer free-hand sketching. I will suggest to all my students and art lover to always go with freehand sketching. It may be tough initially but once you start doing things rights, no one can stop you to be a master in sketching.

Watch how to sketch with pen

How to Improve Free Hand Sketching

Regular practice is the only key to learn freehand sketching. So practice as much as you can do. With the regular practice, you can use these ways to improve your sketching with freehand:

  • Try to draw and sketch whatever image or object you like most.
  • Do lines practice exercise as much as you can. This will help you to be familiar with yours tools (pen/pencil). (See Two Images of Line Exercise)
Lines Exercise


We have plenty of option to choose the materials for sketching. When you are a beginner, you can use simple pencil which you have. If you wish to have some more option with pencil, you can have 2B, 4B, 8B pencil for sketching.

2. Line Art

Line art is not a different thing. It’s a part of sketching. The object or design which is created with lines through sketching may be called Line Art. Designs, pattern, cartoon and everything which crated with line can be included in Line Art.


How to sketch Cartoon

Before to start, we should keep these points in our mind while to draw Cartoon:

While creating a cartoon, the above elements should be considered and used perfectly. The expression can easily be learned from the smiles of social media. They are so simple that anyone can express it in a simple line. (See in Smiles Images for Cartoon Expression)

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