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Folk Art | What is Folk Art (लोक कला)?

Folk Art

All those arts come under the scope of folk art, whose basis is from folk culture. On the basis of the folklore of regions, we find different-different folk art in these regions. The origin or trend of folk art is on the basis of the regional, traditional and tribal life of every country. So, let …

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Exclusive World Record was Set in K. V. No 3 Jhansi

Exclusive Record in K V No 3 Jhansi

Three students set one Exclusive World Record & 2 India Book of records in K. V. No 3 Jhansi. All three record was set in Rope Skipping. Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 honored these Kids. Master Vineet Kumar set Exclusive World Record while master Krishna Dutta Dubey & Siddhant Dubey set India Book of Records. Exclusive …

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How to use Watercolor

How to use watercolor

Let’s learn how to use watercolor. The watercolor technique is a very popular medium for painting. Everyone loves watercolor paintings. Infect it has the versatile, wonderful, and very elegant effects on the surface. That’s why the trends of watercolor painting have never died. This article will simply introduce beginners about the watercolor technique. We will …

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