Exclusive Record in K V No 3 Jhansi

Exclusive World Record was Set in K. V. No 3 Jhansi

Three students set one Exclusive World Record & 2 India Book of records in K. V. No 3 Jhansi. All three record was set in Rope Skipping. Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 honored these Kids.

Master Vineet Kumar set Exclusive World Record while master Krishna Dutta Dubey & Siddhant Dubey set India Book of Records.

Exclusive World Record

Lata Foundation of Bareilly (UP, India) established EWR in 2019. EWR is a book of records. It provides a platform for people with unique talents. So, EWR aims to give opportunities to those who are attempting or doing unique in their segments.

Exclusive Record in K V No 3 Jhansi

Master Vineet Kumar (EWR holder)

Vineet Kumar with Exclusive World Record
Vineet Kumar with Exclusive World Record

Master Vineet Kumar set the Exclusive World record in rope skipping. However, he did 230 rope skips by one minute by one leg. Consequently, he set the record of the most skip by one leg.  

Master Vineet Kumar is a very laborious student of class 10 in K V No 3 Jhansi. He started to practice skipping in 2018 as his coach Harsh Gupta motivated him to do so. Earlier, he was good at painting and his studies. He was not supposed to be so extraordinary a sportsman. But with his hard work and dedication, he proved himself.

His next foremost target is to name him in Genius world of record. So he is working hard for achieving it. Almost he is near to achieve it. Apart from rope skipping, he loves painting and playing football.

Continuous practice & dedication made the difference. At first time I was failed but soon I achieved success. So never give up as success is not sure in first attempt.

Master Vineet Kumar
Exclusive World Record by Vineet Kumar
Honor of Vineet Kumar for Exclusive World Record

Master Vineet Kumar with his parents

His Parents Expression on His Success

The parents of Master Vineet Kumar are very happy about their son’s achievement. He credited this success to Vineet Kumar’s hard work as well as his coach Mr. Harsh Gupta & sports teacher Mr. Subroto Dubey. They also thank Mr. Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, the principal of KV No 3 Jhansi for providing all the favorable facilities & atmosphere to their ward.

We are very happy about the success of Vineet. We wish to see him performing at the International level. Many many thanks to K. V. No 3 especially to the Principal, Sports Teacher & Coach.

Parents of Master Vineet Kumar

Principal Subhash Chandra Shrivastava

Mr. Subhash Chandra Shrivastav is so pleased with the performance of Master Vineet Kumar. He said that Vineet is an all-rounder. He is equally good in sports as well as study. A true winner always wins in every situation. So as to Vineet has shown so far. I congratulate sports teacher Subroto Dubey & coach Harsh Gupta along with this boy.

S C Shrivastava, Principal, K V No 3 Jhansi

Master Vineet Kumar is the pride of Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 Jhansi. Vidyalaya Family is pleased with his performance. We wish him a bright future and hope that he will add the glory to his name as well as the Vidyalaya.

Subhash Chandra Shrivastava, Principal, Kendriya Viyalaya No 3 Jhansi

His Sports Teacher Subroto Dubey

Sports Teacher Subroto Dubey

Mr. Subroto Dubey is the sports teacher of Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 Jhansi. Initially, he asked Vineet to try skipping. With the motivation of his sports teacher, Vineet started skipping with a rope.

When asked about Vineet, Mr. Subroto told us that Vineet is a dedicated boy. He is born to win and achieve new heights & goals. I congratulate him for what he has done. As a student, he is an all-rounder. He equally good in study, Arts as well as in sports too. Further Mr. Subroto added that Master Vineet Kumar, Siddhant Dubey & Krishna Dutt Dubey are the inspiration for other students of the vidyalaya. These students changed the mindset up of the other students, especially in sports.

I congratulate master Vineet Kumar for whatever he has achieved so far. But for me, it is a beginning, a lots more to come. I wish he named himself in Genius Book of Record.

Subroto Dubey, PET, Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 Jhansi

His Coach Harsh Gupta

Coach and sports teacher played a significant role in shaping the talent of Vineet Kumar. Mr. Harsh Gupta trained and prepare him for the world record. Earlier, under his guidance, these boys won many titles and trophies. When asked about Vineet’s performance, Mr. Gupta expressed his happiness. He said that Vineet is a very obedient student. He follows all my instructions & coaching routine. His punctuality, hard work, and obediency make him different from others.

Harsh Gupta, Coach

We never thought of any records or title. We just started skipping & focused on practice. Regular practice & hard work is the real key for Vineet’s success. New records & levels are waiting for him..!

Harsh Gupta, Coach, Kendriya Vidyalaya No 3 Jhansi.

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