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Romanticism in Art

Romanticism was an artistic, literary, musical, and intellectual movement. It was also known as the Romantic Era. Romanticism originated in Europe by the end of the 18the century. However, it was at its peak in most areas between 1800 to 1850. This was the time when people emphasized individuality. They also started thinking logically. They gave up following classical rules and took interest in medieval times.

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Meaning of Romanticism

The word ‘Romantic’ was originated from the French word ‘Romanz’. The meaning of this word is- fiction, novel, fairy-tale or unrealistic story. But in modern times, this word is mostly associated with love affairs. However, so far as Romanticism in Art is concerned, it means the art that focused to work on the adventurous and heroic stories of the past.

Roamanticism Paintings
The Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix (Image Source- Public Domain Wikipedia)


This style of painting was developed in many countries of Europe. But Venice got more success in making the painting of Romantic style. Some experts believe that the artists of Venice developed the Romantic Style. They developed it with the combination of Peter Paul Rubens’s Art, the principles of the relief work of Jacques Louis David & the emotional aspect of colors.

The style of Romanticism was rooted in intellectuality. People began to think apart from the religion & tradition. Initially, the effect of this art appeared in Italian artists as well as the British landscape architectural artists. In Britain, the Landscape artists Turner & John Constable were romanticism style artists. In French, Baron Antoine Gros, Theodore Gericault, & Eugene Delacroix were romantic artists. The French revolution also influenced this movement.

Romanticism Characterstics

  • This movement was the movement of Art, Music, Literature and intellectuality.
  • It gave importance to the emotional, individuality and the glorious history of the past.
  • Artist of this period took interest in medieval period rather than in the classical. They gave up to follow the Rococo style of painting & Other classical Art rules. However they want to express their feeling with their art.
  • The French revolution also inspired this movement.
  • The Romanticism artists worked on their sensitivity, intense emotion & imagination, adventurous natural effect & old stories. They got new theme of the painting like- fear, horror, terror & awe.
  • In the beginning, artists of Romanticism started to paint the subjects that were odds with the strict decorum & classical mythological subjects.
  • Romantic painters choose the theme of bizarre, pathetic or extravagantly heroic.
  • They used bold contrasts of light & shade in their paintings.  The early Romantic artist in England developed their own powerful & unique visionary images.


This movement experimented with new themes & natural effects. It broke the rules of Classical arts. The main achievements of this Art style are its theme or subjects matters. For the first time, the painters of Romanticism created the painting with their own imaginations and expression. They introduced natural evoking awe & grandeur in their works. However, they also created paintings on the theme of fear, horror & awe. So, I think the themes are the biggest achievements of this movement. With their new subject matters, they prepared the platform for Realism that followed after it.

Famous Painting of this Period        

  • Death of Sardanapalus 1827 (Eugene Delacroix)
  • The raft of the Medusa (1819) by Gericault
  • Liberty Leading the People (1830) by Delacroix
  • Third of May 1808 by Francisco Goya.
Romanticism Paintings
The raft of the Medusa (1819) by Gericault (Image Source- Public Domain from Wikipedia)

Artists of Romanticism

Initially, romanticism’s impact appeared in British landscape artists. This style of art developed in other countries of Europe. But due to the French revolution &. Napoleonic period, it became increasingly popular.  

Baron Antoine Gros, Theodore Gericault, and Eugene Delacroix are the famous chief painters of Romanticism. Find out more about the main artists of this period:

  • Theodore Gericault


European Art enriched with many classical art movements like Renaissance & High Renaissance. However, Mannerism & the Baroque Style of Art also influenced the world till the 19th century. But these movements have the same path to follow. They focused or followed by the religion & classical rules. But Romanticism refused to move on the same path. The romantic painters introduced new themes and experiments with nature & imagination. Hence, this movement has a significant place in art history. Later on, this movement prepared the base for Realism.

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