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Caretaker in Ncc | Ncc Caretaker

Caretaker in NCC plays an important role in imparting training & managing the NCC Unit at the school level. He/she looks after the NCC Troop when there is no Ano (Associate NCC Officer) or at the time of the new NCC Unit.

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Caretaker in Ncc

An NCC caretaker is an appointed person who looks after the NCC unit at the school level. He/ She also makes a liaison with the NCC Unit or concerned Battalion. The caretaker also looks after the documentation & manages the NCC unit. He/she also plays the role of bridge between the institutional NCC unit & concerned Unit or battalion.

Ncc Caretaker
Ncc Caretaker

Conditions to Appoint

The conditions to appoint a caretaker are:

  • In case a new NCC wing has been raised in an institute/school/college or university.
  • When the unit of any institute does not have any trained ANO
  • On the retirement of the old ANO.


The head of the institution recommends one of his teaching staff for this appointment. Generally, the person who is taking care of the NCC unit at the institutional level is recommended for the appointment of a Caretaker.


There is no such prescribed eligibility for the appointment of a caretaker. In fact, regular teaching staff can be selected for it. As the appointed caretaker will soon go for a PRCN Course to become an ANO. So, the eligibility of ANO should be followed:

  • He/she should be a permanent teaching staff of the educational institute. In the case of the temporary teacher, the principal has to give an undertaking that he/she will serve for three years in the institute.
  • He/she should have a good character and have to satisfy the physical fitness standards specified by the Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.
  • Should be a citizen of India or Nepal subject.
  • He/she should not be a part or a member of any communal or political organization.
  • He/she should not be dismissed from the girl’s division.
  • In case of a suitable male, ANO is not available in the boy’s Battalion/mixed battalion in school, the institute can appoint a lady ANO.
  • The appointment of ANO, PTI, PET, DPE, sports officers, and demonstrators is eligible.
  • The headmistresses are also eligible to be appointed to ANO


The concerned Directorate appoints a Caretaker. However, the head of the institution recommends the candidates. Then the concerned unit & group headquarters with their approval sent it to its directorate. Finally, on the basis of the recommendation & approval sent to it, the Directorate Appointed the caretaker.


  • The tenure of a caretaker is a year only.
  • In the second year, if he/ she does not get a chance to go for the PRCN course, his tenure can be extended.
  • The NCC Headquater extends the second-year tenure.


The rate of honorarium of a caretaker is:

  • For SD/SW Care taker – Rs. 1500/- per month
  • For JD/JW Care taker – Rs. 1200/- per month

Important Circulars & Documents

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