Ncc Refresher Course

Ncc Refresher Course- My experience

Ncc Refresher Course is the course that is conducted after PRCN (Pre-commissioned Course). The Course provides the promotion to the higher rant to Associate Ncc Officer. In fact, the

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The Refresher course is to refresh the ANO from his/her last course.


I attended Ref course no R/JD/Part1-142 from 19 July 2022 to 07 August 2022. Although the Refresher course is for 30 days, due to corona, my course was for 20 days only. But 10 days of home assignments were given earlier before the course to us to submit in OTA. Maybe, later on, it will be of 30 days when things will go normal.

Ncc ANO during Refresher Course

Refresher course Outline

As already said that refresher course is to refresh ANO. Hence the refresher course has the same brief syllabus which the PRCN course has in three months.

  • Drill Test
  • Written Test
  • Pt Test
  • Other Activities

The above test is to be passed for the successful completion of the course. So, accordingly, there is a daily schedule of drills, PT, classes, and other activities. Specially written, Pt and drill test has to be passed. These three activities personally we have to prepare.

When is the Refresher course to be due?

The Refresher courses are necessary for the promotion of Ranks and Scales of ANOs. When is this due, here is the detail:

Senior Division Officers

Army Wing

  • On being first commissioned – Lieutenant.
  • After 8 years commissioned service – Captain.
  • After 15 years commissioned service – Major.

Naval Wing

  • On being first commissioned – Sub Lieutenant.
  • After 8 years commissioned service – Lieutenant.
  • After 15 years commissioned service – Lieutenant Commander.

Air Wing

  • On being first commissioned – Pilot Officer.
  • After 3 years commissioned service – Flying Officer.
  • After 8 years commissioned service – Flight Lieutenant.
  • After 15 years commissioned service – Squadron Leader.

Junior Division Officers

  • On being first commissioned – Third Officer.
  • After 3 years commissioned service – Second Officer.
  • After 8 years commissioned service – First Officer.
  • After 15 years commissioned service – Chief Officer.

My Experience

Before explaining my experience, I must say that it’s my experience. It may vary with others’ experiences. Perhaps, whatever I experienced, may not be applicable to all. As the things are always not the same.  So what I feel, I am sharing here:

My positive impression

  • If you are conscious of your fitness, this course is a chance to regain your fitness again. I personally reduced my 4 Kg weight in 20 Days.
  • The Refresher course again provides you a chance to live a regimental life after PRCN or your last refresher course.
  • The Green and pollution-free atmosphere of OTA fills you with the purity of nature. Early rising in the morning is good for intaking pure oxygen. That is good for your health.
  • Refresher course has a relaxing schedule in comparison to PRCN.
  • There were nice arrangements for classes, drills, and PT activities. All the staff of OTA Kamptee was active in managing and providing us with good arrangements.
  • Our Basic PI Staff/Ustad was so nice and co-operate with us in each and every part of the course.

My Bad impression

  • Personally, I don’t like the food quality of the mess provided to my course. So far as breakfast is concerned, only a breakfast of eggs and bread is excellent. Other than this is so nightmare for me that sometimes I skipped breakfast.
  • My company has more than 200 Officer cadets and more than 100 officers cadets were in the rest of the two companies. So, when everyone had gone to mess for a meal, there was a long queue. We have to wait for a long time & sometime I got late for the next activity.
  • There should not be a privet canteen or shops on the OTA premises as they have a prime moto is to gain profits. In some conditions, we have to purchase our needful things more than their original costs.
  • There were no sports activities for all trainee officers in the evening. However, sports activities help to keep us fit.

Preparation Before the Course

Preparation for the course is a very crucial thing. There are certain things which can be prepared before going for the course. Let’s discuss these things:

Physical Test (PT)

I think the most important thing about this course is fitness. The courses of the OTA Kamptee for ANO are a good chance to improve your fitness level. Therefore, I recommend that Pt should be taken seriously. Secondly, it is a must to pass the course. So, prepare for Physical Test before the course.

Must bring things for PPT:

  • White T-shirt (At least 2, good if you bring 3)
  • White shorts (Nikkor) (At least 2, good if you bring 3)
  • White Sport shows
  • White Shocks

Here is the age-wise standers for passing the Physical Test :

ncc refresher course_PPT_Standars_upto30 years
PPT_Standars_upto30 years
Age Group 30 to 40 Years
ncc refresher course_PPT_Standars_45 to 50 years
PPT_Standars_45 to 50 years
ncc refresher course_PPT_Standars_above 50 years
PPT_Standars_above 50 years

Hence start running before going to the refresher course. Even if you can’t start running, at least start 2 to 3 Km walking. It will help you to pass PPT Test.


The drill test is also one of the compulsory tests during the course. The most important thing for this test is its outfit. So bring the following things with you

  • At least two Khaki Dress for drill. At least one best quality Khaki dress should be for the drill test.
  • Along with the Khaki dress, also bring one POP cap, a beret cape,
  • An ankle belt, leather belt (POP belt), Metal Stars for uniform, Cloth stars, and DMS boot.

 These things must bring with you. Otherwise, you have to purchase it here in the Baniya shop for more than its original cost.

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Written Test & Other Teaching Activities

The written test is also a very important thing during the course. It is better to study before the course. As Refresher course will not so much time to study. As far as its syllabus is concerned, it’s the same as was in PRCN.

For these activities, they must bring things are:

  • Ncc Study material for study
  • Stationary- Pen, pencil, scale, protector, Examination writing pad, Black sketch pen, highlighter pen, stapler
  • Some Blank A4 size white papers
  • Notebook

Must Bring Personal Belongings

We have to live in OTA during the course for 20 or 30 days. So, to live apart from home is not easy. Many problems and diseases disturb us these days. Therefore, to keep us healthy and away from these problems is necessary. For this, the following things must keep in mind:

  • Commonly, drinking water does not suit us. Due to this, throat problems, cough, and stomach problems are common.
  • So, bring a  thermos-steel water bottle for hot water. It will be good if you have electric cattle. Actually, the Hot water will keep you away from any problems.
  • As food quality is not as we have at home, we face some common problems like gas, acidity, and fever also.
  • So, bring some common first aid medicines or syrup for fever, gas or acidity, multivitamin, and cough with you.
  • If you have a problem with the knees or ankle, keep the crepe band with you.
  • Also bring some food and refreshments items like- dry fruits, dates, biscuits Namkeen and whatever you like. These items are very useful when you don’t like mess food or when you will be ill.

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