how to start ncc in school

How to Start NCC in School/College

NCC is very popular among the youth of India. Ultimately, schools/colleges provide the chance to join NCC for the youth. Hence, the question of how to start NCC in schools/colleges became the most important. In this article, find out how to start the NCC sub-unit in schools/colleges.

Benefits of Ncc Troops in School/College

  • Facility for the students of the institute to enroll or to join NCC
  • It helps to develop the spirit of patriotism and social service among the students.
  • NCC develops the quality of leadership as well as motivation for the students.
  • It develops character, comradeship, discipline, and a secular outlook among the students.
  • NCC Unit provides an environment conducive to motivating youth to join the armed forces.
  • The Institutional NCC unit of the institute adds charm to the outlook of the institution.
  • For teaching staff, the NCC sub-unit also provides a chance to be a part of the army as the Associate NCC Officer.
how to start ncc in school

To whom to Contact

The institute has to contact the Commanding Officer of the nearest NCC unit to raise a new NCC sub-unit. The institute will also find the application form from there. After filling out the application forms in the prescribed format, the head of the institute will submit them to the CO.

General Requirements

The institute has to fulfill some pre-conditions before applying. These pre-conditions requirements are:

Teaching Staff

A teacher is appointed as NCC officer to conduct the Institutional NCC unit. So, the school or college has to provide regular teaching staff for this. Later on, this NCC officer attends a Pre-commission Course and becomes An Associate NCC officer (ANO).

Store Room & Officer Room

Institute has to provide a storeroom to keep the equipment and clothing of Ncc. There should be an officer room too in the institute where Ncc Officer will work and look after all the Ncc activities.

Training Area

The institute has to provide a training area or ground for the parade. There should be a proper open ground for the parade and in some cases, a shooting range.

Supplementing Financial Resources

During the parade, the refreshments are distributed to the cadets. So, for this supplementing Financial requirements have to be managed (in the case of government-added Institutions). While the private schools and colleges have to bear the entire expenditure of the state’s share.

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Declaration from the Institution

The institute has to undertake some declarations in the application forms. The main points of this declaration are:

  • Declaration of running NCC unit as per NCC rules & not to withdraw NCC before the ten years.
  • Maximum Enrolment of the cadets up to the required strength. Also, the maintenance of the strength consistently during the training session.
  • Regular Attendance of the cadets on parade during the training session.
  • Maintenance of proper discipline of NCC officers as well as of cadets.
  • Ensuring NCC cadets return all NCC stores, equipment & clothes issued to them for training before they leave the institution.
  • Accommodation, as required, will be provided for the officer store room & strong room.
  • Arrangements for medical examinations of the cadets will be made.

Process of Opening New NCC Unit in Institution

Application Submission

The head of the Institute will contact to CO of the nearest NCC Unit. Actually, the opening of a new NCC sub-unit depends on the head of the institute. He has to do some documentation with the CO of the nearest NCC unit.

In fact, an application form for raising new units is available in the NCC Unit.  The head of the principal will get that application. After filling it as per the prescribed manners, the Institute has to submit it to the CO.

Local NCC Unit Level

The local NCC unit will scrutinize the application. It will also examine the feasibility of raising NCC in the institution. On the fulfillment of the conditions, the Local NCC unit/battalion forwards it to the Group Headquarters for recommendations.

Group Head Quarter Level

Now Application reaches to Group Head Quarter. Group Head Quatre forwards it to the Directorate with their recommendations endorsed on the relevant part of the application.

Directorate Level

The directorate checks two things before forwarding the application to NCC Headquarters- 1. Availability of cadets’ strength, & 2. Financial Commitment as per the following two conditions:

1. Privet Or Self Financing Institute

It is already mentioned that such an institution has to bear the entire expenditure. So this institute already agrees to the financial commitment in the application. In the case of KVS, JNV, Military School, etc, the head of the institute has to give his commitment to bear financial implications.

2. State Govt Institutes Or State Govt Added Institutions

The directorate forwards the application of such an institute to the State Govt for bearing their share of financial implications. The endorsements of the State Govt are mandatory to raise new NCC sub-units.

When endorsement to bear financial commitment & availability of cadets’ strength are ensured, the directorate forwards the application to CC HQ for sanction of the raising.

Final Process at NCC HQ

NCC Headquarters also scrutinized these applications. After ensuring the financial commitment & eligibility of the institution, NCC HQ sanctions a new sub-unit on the basis of the criterion of waiting list seniority. Consequently, HQ accords & communicates sanctions to the directorate.

In the same way, Directorate communicates the sanction to the concerned Group HQ. In addition to this, Gp HQ communicates to the Unit.

For more authentication information & updates, please go through the Enrolment Procedure on the NCC Official website.

How to start NCC in School


As you see, this is the official process of raising a new sub-unit in an Institution. I think the role of the head of the institution is very important. If he can keep on in connection with the nearest NCC unit. Proper documentation is required from the head of the institutions. In some states, there is no vacancy available for the boys’ wing. However, the Women’s wing is available & easily has been allotted to the institutions.

I hope you will find this article useful. If have any suggestions or want to share some relevant information, feel free to comment to me below in the comment box.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Keep connecting & keep reading my posts.

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    1. Lalit kumar vastri

      NCC इकाई अपने शासकीय विद्यालय में खोलने हेतु आवेदन पत्र का प्रारूप एवं अन्य आवश्यक जानकारियां

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      1. Bhawana ji there is no any link as Ncc is conducted at school or college level so contact to your school or college unit (if there is Ncc unit) to join Ncc.

  4. I want start NCC training in our collage G.Pulla Reddy Engineering is possible for us can you send me further details of procedures.thank you

    1. Not Ncc. You institution will express willingness to the concerned battalion to raise SD for 11 and 12 classes. On the willingness of your school/institute, Battalion will provide you SD if there is a vacancy.

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