How to start drawing

Lesson 1: How to Start Drawing

Hi, welcome to Lesson 1: How to Start Drawing of the course How to Draw: Easy Beginners Course. If you miss the Introduction to this course, click here.

The lesson: How to Start Drawing has very useful tricks to start drawing. Drawing is a process of simply creating some shapes of objects. We put layer by layer of shapes, lines, scribbles & value altogether to find the desired result or shape.

This lesson will focus on the process of Drawing. If you write any letter of the alphabet, believe me, you can draw. No artist takes birth as a perfect artist. Infect you need not be an artist to enjoy drawing.

What you have to do?

Just put a pencil, draw fearlessly and enjoy it. That’s what you have to do only.

Lesson will cover
  • How to Start Drawing
  • Build up your confidence- Lines Exercise

How to Start Drawing

It’s a most important step to start drawing. This is the first step to start developing friendship with pencil. So be the friend of paper and pencil and start playing with them.

Firstly I’ll tell you what you should not to do:

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Keep aside your fear
  • Don’t use a hard hand to draw something
  • Avoid dark lines in the initial drawing

Three Step formulas:

Here is a three step formula which will help you a lot. So, follow these:

  1. Always use very light lines initially.
  2. Scribble or draw again and again whenever you will not get your desired shape or result.
  3. Now define your shape with dark lines after you get desired result of shape.


Step 1

Light Lines to refine shape

Only use light lines and refine it again and again. This is the main key to start a drawing. If you always start with light lines, you have a plenty of chances of improvements in comparison of making mistakes. Here are some examples:

Step 2

Scribble or draw again and again whenever you will not get your desired shape or result

This is also a very important step to start drawing. You have to keep going with the light lines until you find your desired shape/ objects or theme. Try again and again try, finally you will your desired image/drawing or shape.  Watch the example in image.

Step 3

Define your shape with dark lines

Once, you get your desired shape or result, now time to define it with dark lines. Actually, step three is the step of making everything dark of fine. We will define with final drawing in this step. However, the main difficulty is to draw something which is being drawn in step 1 and step 2. When we complete step 2, we have a desired shape or theme. So in this step, we have to complete that shape or drawing with final dark lines.

Look at the step by step transformation of object.

Build up your confidence with Lines Exercise

After how to start drawing, the next important thing is how to build up confidence in making drawing. Well, it’s said, “Practice makes man perfect.”

So, you have to practice and you should keep sketching to maintain the rhythm of sketching or drawing. Therefore, here I will recommend you some initially useful lines exercise. Infect, these exercises are very useful for you in Lesson 1: How to Start Drawing.

  1. Hand Movement Exercise: Wrist Movement, Arm moments, the holding of pencil or pen
  2. Lines Exercise: Scribbling Exercise Hatching Exercise

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